How do I get to Drake Bay?

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Bus: San José – Palmar Norte or Sierpe

The earliest bus to Palmar Norte is leaving the Tracopa bus terminal (near Clinica Biblica) at 5am. The ticket counter opens at 4.30am and you should be there early to buy your ticket. The ticket is around $12 and you can take the coastal route (“costanera” 5 hours) or the mountain route (“cerro” 6 hours).
With the early bus you reach Palmar Norte around 11am and have to take a taxi to Sierpe. You can call Taxi Marcos 8982-2518, he will pick you up the bus station and helps with your luggage too. The taxi price to Sierpe is $16 (with Marcos, others charge $20), often more people share it, so its $5 per person.

In Sierpe (from: Don Jorge restaurant) take the boat (Captain Dago), to Drake Bay at 11:30 am ($ 15p.p.) You pay directly to the captain. For boat reservations, call: +506 8720-0801 WhatsApp , 2775-1761 hotel, or +506 8320-5292, my personal number. From the beach in Drake, walk 300 m to our hostel. If you need a taxi, please let us know beforehand so the taxi will be waiting for you, it costs about 2 dollars.

After 5am busses from San José to Palmar Norte are leaving frequently direction to Canoas, Golfito, Ciudad Neilly, San Vito or Rio Claro. They all stop in Palmar Norte, where you have to get out.

There is a Tracopa bus service going directly to Sierpe ($14p.p.), every day at 8:30am along the coast. You will be in Sierpe around 1:30pm and can catch the boat at 3:30pm ($20p.p . From the beach in Drake, walk 300 m to our hostel. If you need a taxi, please let us know beforehand so that the taxi will be waiting for you, it costs about 2 dollars.

Taxi: Palmar Norte - Sierpe

We work exclusively with the driver Marcos Villachica, who charges for Martina’s Place guests $16 if it’s only 1 or 2 persons. He always tries to make it collective, so if 4 people go, you pay $5p.p. His number is: (+506) 8982-2518. He only speaks Spanish.

Bus: Palmar Norte – Sierpe

Cost around 500 colones or 1 dollar and leaves Palmar at: 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. It takes half an hour to Sierpe and the bus stops at the park. From there you walk 3 min. to the river where the boat is leaving at restaurant Don Jorge.

Boat: Sierpe - Drake Bay

There are 2 boats going 7 days a week from Sierpe to Drake Bay: The 11.30am boat is $15, the 3.30pm boat is $20 per person. For reservation please call: +506 8720-0801 WhatsApp or 2775-1761, or +506 8320-5292. E-mail: The stunning boat ride is about an hour and leads you through the beautiful mangroves out on the Pacific Ocean into the Drake Bay. From the beach in Drake please walk 300m up the road to our hostel.

Car: San José – Drake

Driving time: San José - Palmar Norte 3-4 hours, Palmar Norte - Chacarita 1 hour, Chacarita - Drake 2 hours.
You can drive all the way to Drake Bay, but you need a 4x4. Please drive into Drake Bay towards the beach and after passing the supermarkets, around the corner at the left side you find Martina’s Place Hostel. From Sierpe there is a short cut, you cross the Sierpe River with a car ferry and follow the road towards Rincón or Progreso. That road you can only take in the dry season between December and April.

Car: Parking in Sierpe

Alternative you could drive half an hour from Palmar Norte to Sierpe, look for restaurant Don Jorge and they have a secured parking ($6 per day). From the same restaurant also the boats to Drake are leaving.

Airplane: San José – Drake Bay

There are several airlines flying daily from San José to Drake, flights are around $140 one way in the high season, low season has some offers. For example: or
At Drake airport you always find taxis to bring you to our hostel, its 20 min. and usually they charge $10p.p.

Shuttle bus: San José, Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Dominical, Uvita - Sierpe

There are shuttle services:
San José - Sierpe $70p.p. Pedro 8703-2121 and Manuel Antonio - Sierpe $45p.p. Alex 8344-6320. Please call them for reservation.

Bus: Manuel Antonio, Dominical or Uvita – Palmar Norte

If you want to reach Drake Bay the same day, you have to leave Quepos around 5am, Dominical around 7am, and Uvita around 8am. For detailed information please ask your hotel where you are staying!

Bus: Puerto Jimenez – Drake Bay

The bus from Puerto Jimenez to La Palma leaves at 11am or 3pm. In La Palma you have connection to Drake twice a day at 11.30am and 4.30pm. For reservation for the bus from La Palma to Drake call Diego 8330-5548.
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