Martina's Story
How did I end up in Drake Bay ???

Well, long story cut short ... I always liked to escape the german winter, so as every year I looked for a hot, sunny destination far away and in november 2008 I chose Costa Rica for the second time.

I never ever had in mind that I would end up living here!

When I came to Corcovado as a volunteer at San Pedrillo station and the rangers drove me into Drake Bay I loved it right away and after 3 weeks I decided I just won‘t leave this beautiful place! I love the climate, the nature and its sounds, the warm wind at night...the people here are so friendly, helpful and content.

I was happy in Luebeck, great friends around me and I liked my job organizing commercial fairs as a freelancer. But I realized I am even happier in Costa Rica! So I organized my business back in germany by phone and mail, shocked family and friends and stayed in Drake Bay working as a volunteer in different hotels until I went home almost one year later.

Back in germany I sold my beloved 500 year old house in the historic part of Luebeck (near Hamburg), cancelled all my credits, sold my furniture and with the money left came back to Costa Rica and opened a small business with only 2 rooms to rent, small restaurant and tour operator. The house I am in now I was renting at first and only in 2014 I had the chance to buy it.So the same year I built the dorms, the kitchen and our new office was finished in march 2015.

Luebeck >>> Drake Bay: The best decision of my life

I am totally happy to live exactly here in this beautiful part of the planet and working in tourism is the best job ever!
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Agujitas, Bahía Drake, Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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