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2. Useful Informations:


Where is the hostel located?

Martina’s Place is located in the center of Drake Bay, this part is called Agujitas. 2 minutes walk to the beach and supermarkets.

What is included in the room price?

The prices in our rooms do NOT have the tax of 13% VAT included. The prices of all our tours DO have the taxes included. Free coffee or tea and all showers have hot water.

Are there restaurants and how are the prices?

There are several restaurants or »Sodas« in the village with local dishes, but also fresh fish, burger or pizza. Breakfast is about $7, lunch or dinner around $7-10.

Is there a grocery store nearby?

TYes, there are 2 supermarkets -open from 6am to 9pm- with a good variety of products around the corner, as well as a bakery, ice cream parlour, pharmacy and laundry.

Is there a possibility to cook?

We offer a fully equipped kitchen for self cooking and free use of coffee, tea, sugar, salt and oil.

Can I drink tap water?

In our hostel we do have a special filter system to purify water. We do not suggest drinking too much of the regular tap water. When your stomach is sensitive you should not drink it at all.

Is there a bank in Drake Bay and can I pay with credit card?

There is no ATM and no bank in Drake Bay, so your last chance to withdraw cash would be Palmar Norte. We suggest bringing sufficient cash for your stay, some restaurants don’t accept cards. You can pay everything at our place with credit card, although there is a 4% banking fee on top. You can also pay cash in dollar or colones.

Is it quiet at the hostel?

Of course it is a hostel and people from all over the world meet and chat and cook together! But our guests fortunately are not the “party people”, they love nature and hiking early mornings, so usually after 10pm everybody is asleep. Since we are located in the center of the village, you sure will hear motorcycles or cars passing by, but after 9pm it is usually quiet on the street. You should sleep with the sound of the waves and wake up with the screeching of the Scarlett Macaws

Can I do tours without a guide?

Around Drake Bay you find beautiful trails to hike by yourself, for example along the coast to Rio Claro, or inland to Los Planes. Even on those trails you sure will see wildlife, such as monkeys or parrots.

How many days should I spend in Drake Bay?

Most people spend at least 3 nights in Drake Bay. You could go for a daytrip to Corcovado, one day snorkeling at Caño Island and a day hike by yourself along the coast to Rio Claro. Of course there is more to do here, like Whale + Dolphin tours, Night hikes, Canopy, Horseback riding or Bird watching.

What time of the year can I see Whales or Dolphins?

The Humpback Whales start coming from the Antarctic in July to have their babies in the Drake Bay area and stay until end of November. From January to March we have another population of Humpbacks from California, but not very many who come down here. All year round you might be lucky to spot False Killer Whales in Drake Bay Waters and different species of Dolphins are frequent.

What should I bring for my trip to Costa Rica?

Camera with extra batteries and charger, binoculars, alarm clock, adapter, flashlight, headlamp, a small lock, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, first-aid kit, short-sleeve shirts, shorts, bathing suit, easy drying towels, water sandals, sweater, rain jacket, light long pants, socks and good hiking shoes (may be no leather-it dries hard) You may want to bring a dress for women; a button-down shirt for men. Also pack a large plastic bag to store wet clothes and a small one to protect the camera from rain.

Is there a hospital or doctor in Drake Bay?

We do have a small clinic in Drake Bay for basic treatment and a modern hospital can be reached by boat and taxi within 2 hours (Cortez, near Palmar Norte). An Ambulance can enter Drake Bay by road coming from Golfito Hospital.

How do I get to Drake Bay?

Please look that section up for all transport connections.

How do I book a room, reserve tours or transportations?

Please use the booking system offered on our website and put the exact dates, to check availability. There you can book and pay ahead your room and make reservation for tours and transport.

Is there electricity in Drake Bay?

Yes, there is, although black outs for a few hours can happen due to fallen trees on the electric lines. Always bring a good flashlight.

What is the normal tipping policy in Costa Rica?

In restaurants a 10% service tip is usually included. Small sodas don’t always include it- so just check your bill. Tour guides and helpers greatly appreciate a tip- it is not mandatory and you will not get a lesser quality of service, but average salaries are not very high, and by adding a bit more to their income you sure are helping the families handling their life expenses.

Is there an internet café in Drake?

No, because almost every hotel (including our hostel) offers free wifi. You should bring a phone or tablet, most hotels don’t offer computers to use for guests.

1. Climate:

Costa Rica has only 2 seasons: the dry and the rainy season. The dry season is from December- April and the rainy season from May- November. However during rainy months it may only rain late in the afternoon or at night so visitors still enjoy sunny days on the beach and outdoor activities during the daytime. Costa Rica is only 1000km north of the equator, so the sun rises at about 5 am and sets at about 6 pm consistently throughout the year. The average annual temperature is around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius or 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit and the coolest months of the year are November, December and January. March and April are the hottest months of the year so make sure you give yourself time to acclimatize.
Month Average
Rainy Days/Nights
January 92 33.3 3
February 94 34.4 2
March 94 34.4 1
April 95 35.1 2
May 92 33.3 14
June 88 31.1 17
July 90 32.2 16
August 89 31.7 17
September 89 31.7 22
October 88 31.7 20
November 90 32.2 13
December 90 32.2 5
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